One of the Reasons I Love a Scratch N Dent

What is a scratch n dent store? A scratch n dent is a store that has random dry goods & house hold items that may have some damage, may be past its sell by date, or may be may even be from a store close out. These type of stores are popular in my area and I love to go exploring in these stores. One of the things that I love is that I often find items that I would not normally find in my area. For example Punjabi Styly Butter Chicken by Tiger Tiger is not easily found here.

I love to try new things so for the price why not try it. It was being sold because it was past its sell by date which does not mean that it has gone bad, it just needs rotated off of the shelves. And again for the price I will try it.

All I did was take chicken and place it on the bottom of the pan, spooned the Butter Chicken mix onto the chicken, added about 1 cup of water. The chicken was then placed in the oven that had been preheated at 350 degrees. The chicken was baked for about 40 minutes. Served with a little rice it made a nice change to my regular menu.

The Old Country Life

In today’s fast paced, immediate satisfaction, brand obsessed society we forget that life is better when simplified. Deep in the old fashioned world of amish country there is still a way of life that I grew up living. Reuse and repurpose what you can, shop second hand and scratch n dent stores, and if you can’t grow it yourself there is always a road side stand close by.